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How to take bomb Instagram pictures

Everyone wants to take high quality pictures for their Instagram, but not everyone knows how to nail that professional look. In this article we’re sharing our tips and tricks on how to get better looking Instagram photos. 



The first concept to master is lighting. Something so simple holds so much influence over your photos. By simply adjusting your lighting correctly, you can take an amateur picture to pro levels. Lighting in a photo is one of those things where if it's established nicely the rest of the photo will fall into place nicely as well. Natural light is what you’re going to want to go for, whether you take the picture outside or let the sun in through a window, using sunlight over artificial light will always yield a better result. Planning with the sun will be in your best interests as too much can result in an overexposed shot and too little an underexposed shot. The best conditions to shoot in are overcast when the sun is diffused naturally by clouds in the sky. Another option for natural light is a golden hour shoot. Golden hour is the hour before sunrise and the hour before sunset. Shooting during this hour creates dreamy results. A great aid to track the golden hour in your area is the Magic Hour app. It provides detailed information on when the golden hour will be and how long it will last. The other lighting option is artificial, it is not recommended as it requires additional lighting equipment to get a good result. If artificial is the option you choose, we recommend an entry level light and stand kit, or ring light which can go for around 40-60 US dollars. Essentially, make sure your lighting is adequate to the shot either route you choose.




After you have your lighting down, it's time to set the scene. The background scenery is one of the more important aspects of your picture because it sets the mood. Use the background as a way to get creative and add personality to your pic. Look for areas that tell a story and help bring the picture together. For example, a brick wall could be the perfect backdrop to accent your outfit and give you that rustic look. It’s also important to keep in mind the objects within your picture. Many objects such as chairs and benches, can be used to pose and incorporate more character in your picture. Adding contrast between your outfit and the background can really make your picture pop and stand out. If your outfit is mostly white for example, you could choose a darker background. By taking the lighting, colors, and objects within your picture into consideration you are adding layers of depth to your photo. Doing so will bring your picture together and capture the attention of your followers. 


 When it comes to posing for your picture confidence is key. You are going to want to have a positive and confident attitude before posing for your picture. This mindset will translate into your mannerisms and help with your poses. A good way to boost morale before a photoshoot is to practice positive self talk and listen to some high energy music. Just by doing these actions you can lift your spirits and charge up your confidence. Remember to loosen up and have fun with your poses because an overly serious demeanor can make your poses look stiff and forced. Another important aspect to posing is what you are doing with your arms and hands. For a lot of people starting out with taking pictures it is difficult to know what to do with your hands, and if you are unsure of what to do it may come off as awkward. A simple solution to this is utilizing objects in your background to include in your pose. For instance, you could extend your arm out and rest it on a bench when posing. This will give your pose a natural and relaxed look. If you don’t have access to these types of objects for your shoot, you can easily use accessories from your outfit to pose. Necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories can be used in your pose easily by adjusting them or using your hands to play with them. It’s also very helpful to practice these poses ahead of time before your shoot. Test out different facial expressions and poses, so you are prepared for the actual thing. This preparation will make it easier for you to have variation in your poses so you are not stuck with the same look in each photo.  


Taking the Picture

Taking the picture seems simple however has more elements than first thought of. One of the things to consider before going to a location is who will take the picture? If you do not have another person to help you out, a simple tripod will do the trick, just make sure you either have a remote camera button, or a pair of headphones to remotely take the photo with. If you do happen to have another person available, make sure that they’re good at taking pictures and can coach you through poses and instill confidence in you. In many cases the camera person is also the hype person. Another tip is to take a LOT of photos, out of 500 pictures, only 2 may make the cut, so take plenty of bursts. Taking multiple pics allows you to do more things; one burst technique is to just walk or pace during a burst, there will be at least one good pic from the burst that will look more natural and intentional. Angles are everything. Shooting from lower aiming the camera slightly upwards towards the subject is the ideal camera position since it makes the subject appear taller and more flattering. One last tip for shoot day is to not rush. Rushing takes away from the results and defeats the purpose of shoot day, take your time and make sure the shot is good.  


After all of the photos have been taken and you’ve decided which ones are the ones, you’re not quite ready to post yet. Editing your photos adds an extra flair that really takes them to the next level that your followers will love. Simply adjusting color, lighting and framing of shots is all it takes, and It doesn't take a 200 dollar subscription to get those professional results. A free alternative to the full version of Lightroom is Darkroom. If you’re a bit more novice and are looking to stay on your phone to edit there are a number of apps that have great abilities. Google’s Snapseed (FREE) offers a wide range of tools to touch up any photo. Lightroom (FREE) offers a free mobile version that has all of the essentials for photo editing. An even simpler option is the stock iPhone editor in the Photos app. It is more competent than expected and the easiest of them all, just simply adjust the sliders until you’re satisfied and get amazing results (see our results below). Another great app is Retouch $0.99, it offers a great object removal tool and is great for removing blemishes, though it is .99 cents it is completely worth it.  


Now that you are equipped with these tips and tricks you are one step closer to taking that high quality picture that you've always envisioned. Remember to have confidence and be yourself, these pictures are a way for you to be creative and show people your personality. Just have fun and embrace all of your characteristics, you got this!

Disclaimer: All products and apps displayed in this article are not affiliated with Zaddy Zems in any way. 

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