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What to Wear to: A Movie Date


Great! You landed a date. But what do you wear? While your look may not be visible inside the theater, it’s important to make an impactful first impression before the movie starts.

Cozy is Okay! (until its not)

If it's cold…

A hoodie is a meh choice - it’ll do the job but won't impress your date alone. Elevate your style with more complex cozy choices. Layering is the perfect way to achieve a smooth and clean look. To start the layered outfit, start with something that has an accentuated collar, like a ringer tee. Next, go with a classy and layer-able piece such as a sweater, cardigan, or even a hoodie. A nice fitting denim jacket could be the “cherry on top” to complete your layered outfit. A vest could even do the job, just make sure it's below zero out or else you won’t just be sweating due to nervousness. A more relaxed pants choice will make your top and footwear pop. Choose a slim fitting styled pant with neutral tones. Washed denim is very “now” so ditch the dark colors and opt for a lighter wash. From your head, to your toes, a nice pair of boots will be the perfect compliment to the layered outfit. High topped shoes or boots bring the outfit together.  

If it’s hot…

The bulk of the outfit's expression rests on the top you wear if its hot out. A fashion mistake may be to go with a simple graphic tee … or even worse … a tank top. An interesting top that breaks the boundary of a simple tee will do the trick. Play with the cut, color, and structure of the top and the whole outfit will be set. The type of cut you choose for example, could be a cropped top or a v-neck. There are numerous options when it comes to the cut of your top. It only takes one interesting top to take the entire outfit from bland and overdone to unique and stylish. Pair your interesting top with short inseam shorts or daisy dukes. Remember - short with long and long with short. If you wear a long sleeve shirt or have a cut that goes past your navel, it's best to wear shorter pants and if you wear a shorter cropped shirt, longer pants will be the best pick. Don’t be afraid to play around with the cuts though, a long and flowy fit is the perfect groove for summer months. Sandals and low top sneakers are great minimal choices for footwear. These relaxed choices allow you to show off your style without sacrificing comfort. 

Accessorize to mesmerize

Accessorizing is your chance to get creative and bold. Gold toned jewelry can be a sophisticated compliment to your look. A clavicle length chain is a perfect choice that goes with virtually any outfit. It only takes one piece of jewelry to elevate any outfit. However, more subtle touches such as various trendy and stylish rings are an easy way to make the look enviable. Consider changing up the size of your jewelry too, If you typically wear thin and minimal pieces try wearing thicker heavy chains and cuffs. If done right, a gaudy and colorful array of accessories can make the entire outfit.

Top off the look with a Zeanie - $30

Don’t sweat the small stuff and trust your intuition. Make fashion choices that you’re comfortable with and that accentuate your personality.

Thanks for reading! Stay Zaddy


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