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Which Type and Size of Cuban Link Chain Should you buy?

Cuban link chains are one of the hottest jewelry pieces of 2022, right next to pearls. (Pearls+Cuban Links, That’s a nice combo idea.)

What are Cuban Links?

Cuban links are far from new, you’ve probably already seen your favorite rapper dawning the iconic chain style. The cuban link has remained consistently popular since the hip-hop explosion of the early 1970’s. The hip hop culture grew in tandem with the cuban link style flourishing in the bold, confident themes. 

Cuban links differentiate from normal chains because they feature interlocked oval links. This is what makes the chain so easily recognizable. The oval shaped chain links allow the chain to lay flushly, forming a sleek, uniform look. Normal chains have links that are linked perpendicular to each other that make the chain links lay in two directions.

In the past few years, many people who aren’t rappers have been embracing Cuban links and their culture. Now given the current love with chunky, gaudy jewelry, the specific chunky hip hop look that the cuban link grants is why it has gained so much popularity. Every cuban link isn’t solid gold and three figures, cuban links come in many different colors and metals now. Anyone who wants to have the same confidence and swagger as their favorite artists can. 

The Different Types of Cuban Links

Cuban links come in a couple of different styles, Figaro, Miami, and Curb Chain to name a few. What do all of these different chain types mean, and what style is right for you? The different types of cuban links vary the link shape and width. Figaro chains feature a patterned link with one long link interrupting the normal links. Curb chains have thinner circular links. Be wary when shopping for Cuban links as the term Cuban Link is often used as a  loose umbrella term to describe any kind of chunky linked chain. Stay tuned to the Zaddy Zems blog for a future article detailing all of the different chain types in depth.  

Figaro Chain 

Diamond Encrusted Miami Cuban Chain

Styling Cuban Links

It’s a good rule of thumb to not style yourself in tune with trends as they will eventually fall out of fashion. However, the Cuban link trend is a trend to get with. Cuban links have had a prominent hold in urban fashion and are here to stay, so do your wardrobe a favor and spice up your outfits with some hot Cuban Link chains. Cuban Links look best in layered chain looks. Pair thick cuban links with thinner chains varying in length for an eye-catching statement look. Be sure to keep the chains of the same metal color! Chains look amazing when the clavicle is accentuated and visible, wear a V-Neck with chains to make the chains pop. Match the V-Neck with chino pants/shorts, a hat, and your best sneakers for a hot fit. Thicker cuban links go well with jackets and dressier fits and thinner ones will look nice with casual fits. Choose showy figaro style Cuban chains with subtle tops and wear curb or classic style Cuban Chains with elaborate tops. The key is to balance the jewelry with the outfit, both should compliment each other. 

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